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Dru Yoga with Joanne

Dru yoga is a style of yoga that works with postures, breath work, relaxation and meditation.

This infuses through life, making a calmer inner space to live in.

It is adaptable, and therefore suited to any body, age and ability. 

Keeping you safe within your practice.

Joanne Hayley’s greatest joy and service is creating safe, nurturing spaces for people to relax and let go.
This is now being extended into practicing and sharing Dru yoga with others. 

Yoga Classes
Now Available

Weekly Zoom Classes

Enjoy your class from the comfort of your own home. Weekly, live classes available.

Private Classes

These sessions are designed for you.  They are one on one classes that change and grow with your body, mind and life.  

Corporate Classes 

Balance the stress of a busy business with our corporate yoga classes.
Available in house or via zoom.


Summer Yoga Retreat
Saturday 19th February 2022

Join us for a one day Dru yoga retreat to help cool and calm your body, mind and soul.

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Life through Food

Different dishes for healing, balancing and enjoying in life. Seasonal recipes included.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu

Books to Inspire You

Cooking with Love
by Keith Squires

A journey through Ayurvedic Cookery.

Dru Yoga
Australia and UK

What inspiring, life changing events, courses and talks you can be a part of.


Joanne Hayley
Dru Yoga Teacher

Joanne is a registered Dru yoga teacher based in Adelaide Australia with the passion to create a multitude of avenues in which she can share her knowledge. 

She has also completed a fast-track Ayurvedic training, in Wales UK. She is currently studying her Meditation Teacher training, with Dru Australia, and will be completing their Yoga Back Care course later this year. 

Joanne's Dru yoga practice, alongside her 30 plus years as a massage therapist and passion for home cooked healing foods, gives her a lifetime of service towards others physical and mental wellbeing.